Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Plastic Fantastic Magnetic Loops..

Please see the latest info on my loops.

Large Loop Tuned to 40m 32mm pipe 22mm Cooper trombone tuning it

This one is good for 20m - 10M
 Aluminium Tube trombone.


  1. ּSuper cool! I like the trombone tuning mechanism, very clever. How do you move the copper insert up and down?

  2. The Large loop i just adjust by hand with an analyser :) but the Idea is to use a nut melted in to a plastic chopping board and a length of threded bar connected to a cheap e-bay 3.5rpm motor. On the small loop you can see the pice of Ikea choping board i have drilled a hole heated a nut and plunged it in to the plastic.